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Featured article : Signs Of Pregnancy

On any given day, there are thousands, if not millions, of couples who are hoping they are going to conceive. With so many unwanted and unplanned teenage pregnancies out there, it would seem that getting pregnant is something that is rather easy. However, for many, there is nothing easy about it. Those with fertility problems often spend a lot of money trying to conceive, and then spend a lot of time worrying about and looking for signs of pregnancy to see if they were successful.

For a woman wishing to be a mom, there might be nothing more confusing than looking for the signs of pregnancy. Most of the time, these can often mimic the signs that a period is coming, and that is why so many are confused about what they are looking for and what is going on with their body. Though there are smaller clues that some pick up on that are indeed signs of pregnancy, most donít know how to pick them out. This is probably why so many early pregnancy detection tests are becoming so popular.

Another confusing thing about the early signs of pregnancy is that they are different for all women. There are many sites online that have this information, and many of them have message boards for women who are trying to get pregnant. They can talk with each other, cry on each otherís shoulders, and they can help each other with what may or may not be signs of pregnancy. There is often confusion because what happens with one woman will not happen with another.

To make things even more complicated for some, there are woman who have no signs of pregnancy what so ever even though they are very much pregnant. Others have symptoms so bad and so severe that they know right away. Some can feel that they are pregnant without any of the signs of pregnancy, and those are the women that know their bodies the best. However, no one should feel bad if they just donít know. Sometimes itís hard to tell the difference between intuition and wishful thinking. When it comes down to it, the only way to know if you are pregnant is to wait until your period is late, and then to take a test. If that test is positive, a blood test is recommended for confirmation. Itís hard to tell a hopeful woman to be patient, but its better for her state of mind in the long run.